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Theme-ing Lektor

Documented steps for changing theme: So first I create a local directory in project root to hold all Lektor themes mkdir themes then I cloned a theme into that folder git clone themes then I added a reference to that theme in the project config file: nano themes = lektor-theme-simple-strap #Ctrl+o, Enter, Ctrl+x, Enter now update repo git add . git commit git push origin master By this time there was already an error in Netlify: 12:51:55 AM: Error checking out submodules: fatal: No url found for submodule path 'themes' in .gitmodules 12:51:55 AM: Failing build: Failed to prepare repo 12:51:55 AM: Failed during stage 'preparing repo': Error checking out submodules: fatal: No url found for submodule path 'themes' in .gitmodules : exit status 128 This basically means that the theme that I cloned into [project]/

Deploying Lektor project in GitHub over Netlify

Following instructions here: Lektor project was created with the name: nano runtime.txt python 3.7.5 #Ctrl+o, Enter, Ctrl+x, Enter To find dependencies, we check Lektor on GitHub, and take entries from>install_requires, however says we can just put "lektor" in that file. So nano requirements.txt lektor #Ctrl+o, Enter, Ctrl+x, Enter After this you are supposed to visit , add your new site there, link the Netlify settings to the GitHub repo, go to GitHub and give Netlify the authority to modify files in the repo, then come back to Netlify and configure deployment parameters for your repo (which branch you will deploy, build directory, and build command.) Now you have all the moving parts in place, and you can build your project using Netlify. Only one catch: "runtime.txt" i