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Why we can relate to Saitama

Superman is awesome. He never stops being awesome. Even when he sleeps he's bulletproof, the dude has no layups, no cheat days, and the few times he's "just Clark Kent" he's still stealing hearts of lady friends and charming everyone off their feet. And it's not just about superpowers that make these superheroes what they are. Even Batman is deep dark and mysterious twenty four seven three sixty five, whether in regalia or business suit, whether in batmobile or private jet. How long have you ever been awesome, and stayed awesome? School/college sports stars, valedictorians, or on-the-job outperformers have had the longest stints at awesomeness, lasting anywhere from months to years. But how many of us mortals have reached and sustained such peak performances? 1%? The remaining 99% of us are One Punch Men. We have our moments of brilliance, maybe an hour (or maybe just a Warholian 15 minutes) in a year when we feel like the gods dwell in our fists.