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When Zipline Gets Stuck

I stumbled across this Analytics Vidhya article by Sabir Jana How to Import Indian equities Data to zipline on your local machine? and after more than 2 years I was tempted to give it a shot once again. Jana's post specifically addressed the roadblock that prevented most Indians from using the library. Zipline, after all, is the retail industry standard when it comes to backtesting in Python. Entire books are devoted to it, and all other backtesters are considered a distant second. Jana's article is well written, and code is not just easy to follow, it's very well written. (There is a problem with tabs in the medium post, and indentation isn't clear because of the font used, so I used this version instead.) However as soon as I was done fetching BSE data from Quandl and ready to feed it to Zipline, I ran into a new hurdle: Zipline just absolutely refused to install! The error message overflowed the terminal's buffer and I had to route the output to a log file, on

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15AST Battery issue

It started out as a small kink: the palm rest to the left of the trackpad swelled up a little. I knew that it was a battery issue. I opened the back cover, visually verified my hunch but it looked benign, and I had used swollen Li-Po cells in drones which work fine until they stopped charging. And the laptop was working fine so I ignored it. But it got worse very gradually and I did not realize it until the plastic cracked. It looked gnarly, but there was no issue with any functional aspect of the computer. Opened the back cover and noted the battery part number: L16C2PB1. Searched for the part number on Amazon and Flipkart, but it was out of stock everywhere. The laptop was still fully functional so I ignored it again. And one fine day I started the machine and half the keyboard wasn't responding. Opened the machine again, only to discover that keyboards aren't built like they used to be, there are no copper contact pads, and the rest of the motherboard is mounted in a way tha