Current Projects

  1. SwissAlgoKnife a simple Python utility for connecting to brokers, gathering and managing market data. A collection of simple and frequently used Python scripts for algo-trading. As of now this includes basic data downloading for Interactive Brokers, Zerodha, and Upstox. Will extend this for the Market Data Project.
  2. BakarStar Sandbox to try out various social media projects. So far, have tried out and While Postmill turned out to need just the experience curve I could muster, Lemmy was super easy because it came in its own Docker containers that simply needed deployment, database and all. Project shelved right now.
  3. Market Data Project
  4. News Project given all the subjectivity in news and advances in NLP, there should be a new way to read news that's devoid of clickbait and sensationalism. This project is a step in that direction. Initial criteria/scope limits are:
    1. English langauge - this allows us to try all available NLP engines. Since local languages are planned, focus will be on multi-lingual ones like Stanza (StanfordNLP)
    2. Indian-National - a geographical scope. Can be expanded to global, local, or foreign later
    3. Dailies - a time scope. Magazine articles tend to be more generous in coverage, even historical at times
    4. Print medium - print papers tend not to "SEO optimise" or publish "clickbait", are more accountable for coverage


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