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Deploying Lektor project in GitHub over Netlify

Following instructions here: Lektor project was created with the name: nano runtime.txt python 3.7.5 #Ctrl+o, Enter, Ctrl+x, Enter To find dependencies, we check Lektor on GitHub, and take entries from>install_requires, however says we can just put "lektor" in that file. So nano requirements.txt lektor #Ctrl+o, Enter, Ctrl+x, Enter After this you are supposed to visit , add your new site there, link the Netlify settings to the GitHub repo, go to GitHub and give Netlify the authority to modify files in the repo, then come back to Netlify and configure deployment parameters for your repo (which branch you will deploy, build directory, and build command.) Now you have all the moving parts in place, and you can build your project using Netlify. Only one catch: "runtime.txt" i

Hello Website

This entry is relevant to the older method of hosting this blog. I have moved to since then, but keeping this note just in case/archival purposes. This website is a Lektor creation. It was created by Armin Ronacher, and you can read more about the anecdote for it here . My own personal website has been vagrant, sometimes a plain HTML sitting in Web 1.0 hosting service, just a sandbox for AJAX/MySQL scripts. The last avatar was a Gatsby (nodejs) static website served out of this very GitHub. But given my aversion to all forms and manners of JS frameworks, I went looking for the following: a simple site that can be regularly updated but doesn't need a complex CMS and can be hosted for free bonus marks if interesting to use Lektor checks all the boxes since it spins out a static site that has a simple blogging feature but works from my laptop (pseudo CMS) and saves output to GitHub bonus marks since it's a nifty use of Python Flask The author of