Hello Website

This entry is relevant to the older method of hosting this blog. I have moved to since then, but keeping this note just in case/archival purposes. This website is a Lektor creation. It was created by Armin Ronacher, and you can read more about the anecdote for it here . My own personal website has been vagrant, sometimes a plain HTML sitting in Web 1.0 hosting service, just a sandbox for AJAX/MySQL scripts. The last avatar was a Gatsby (nodejs) static website served out of this very GitHub. But given my aversion to all forms and manners of JS frameworks, I went looking for the following: a simple site that can be regularly updated but doesn't need a complex CMS and can be hosted for free bonus marks if interesting to use Lektor checks all the boxes since it spins out a static site that has a simple blogging feature but works from my laptop (pseudo CMS) and saves output to GitHub bonus marks since it's a nifty use of Python Flask The author of